MoKan French Buldogs

Health Guarantee and Contract

This puppy has been health checked by our veterinarian and is guaranteed to be free of serious, life-threatening conditions.  Any prior surgeries or known problems will be listed below. Buyer has 72 hours after receiving the puppy to have a veterinarian of their choice (preferably with experience of the bulldog breed) to do a health check.
It is to your benefit to have this done. A copy of the health check must be sent or emailed to the seller no later than 6:00 PM on the third day after receiving the puppy or no refund will be given for any reason.
If your veterinarian finds a life-threatening problem,  you must contact the seller immediately (that day) with written findings of the problem. If this occurs,  the puppy will be returned to the Seller and a refund will be given for the initial cost of the puppy, or an exchange for another puppy if one is available (Sellers choice).  Puppy must be returned in the condition it was received and all paperwork must be returned along with the AKC registration signed back over to the Seller before any refund or exchange is given. The Seller will not pay for any surgeries or vet expenses the Buyer elects to have done to the puppy. The Seller reserves the rights to buy back any puppy (for the initial cost) before any surgery is performed. If any minor breed related treatable or correctable conditions arise such as cherry eye, eyelid surgery, upper or lower elongated pallet, inverted tail, respiratory or skin problems of any kind these are not covered by the Seller. Hip, elbow, knee dysplasia can be a result of environmental problems such as a lack of proper nutrition, exercise, floor surface, being allowed to jump down or falling off of taller structures or rough housing with other pets or humans. Due to this, Seller cannot guarantee hip, elbow or knee dysplasia beyond the initial health check.  Parasites are not covered.  In the event of death a full autopsy must be obtained to establish cause of death. The 1 year guarantee covers life-threatening congenital issues.
Please research breed related problems before purchasing a Bulldog puppy. Efforts are made that none of these things will ever affect your puppy but due to the nature of the bulldog breed one or more of these problems could occur so it would be advantageous for you to know the things that the bulldog breed is prone to.
This puppy has had the necessary vaccinations, de-worming, and parasite prevention as of the date of sale. This puppy is not fully protected against diseases until the final vaccinations are received up to 16 weeks old. Buyer must maintain proper vaccinations and de-wormings on time. We recommend that your puppy is not taken to public places unless necessary until final vaccinations have been given due to parvovirus and other highly contagious diseases.  I do not recommend the Lepto, Corona, or Lyme vaccines.  It is best to not give your puppy his/her Rabies shot at the same time as any other vaccinations.  Please research over-vaccinating, as many dogs do not need vaccines after their first adult booster.  Over-vaccinating is very real threat to your dogs health, and titer testing can be done to prevent this.
Your puppy must be provided with good nutrition and not be allowed to become too overweight. It is hard on their hips, knees, shoulders and general health. Snacks should be a treat – not a meal. Keep their toenails trimmed, ears cleaned and bathe them with puppy shampoo. Provide them with the proper toys and bones; this will help keep them from becoming bored.
Bulldogs do not do well in the heat. It is recommended that air-conditioning be available at all times in the heat of the summer months. The Seller does not cover heat stroke. Bulldog bodies are not designed to swim! Keep them away from pools, ponds and any water over their heads. They do like to play in baby pools with low amounts of water in them (get the camera ready).
We strive for healthy puppies but sometimes nature disagrees. Most problems are evident by the time the puppy reaches eight weeks of age and have been Vet checked. If a problem arises after that, it does not mean that we are bad breeders; just that Mother Nature is more powerful.
All deposits are NON REFUNDABLE unless puppy does not Vet check healthy. If a deposit is paid on a puppy and the final payment is not received by the due date, or prior written arrangements have not been made the Seller has the right to keep the deposit and sell this puppy to another party.
Full payment for puppy and shipping costs must be received before the puppy will be shipped or given to Buyer. Any payments made by checks must be cleared by our bank before any puppy will be shipped or given to Buyer.



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Puppies sold on spay/neuter agreements are to be fixed no later than 18 months of age, and are not to be bred.  If he/she has been found to have produced any puppies, there will be a $1,000 per breeding penalty on males and $2,000 on females. 
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