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Puppy has been examined by a licensed veterinarian before buyer took possession, and has been found in good health.  Any health concerns with the puppy should be disclosed by the breeder prior to buyer taking possession.  Please have your puppy seen by your vet within 3 business days to confirm puppy is in good health.  This is a requirement of the contract terms.


Puppy is guaranteed for a period of 3 days from time of possession against Parvo/Distemper.  Vaccination schedule has been provided to buyer, and he/she understands that they are to complete the puppy series of vaccines before exposing the puppy to potentially hazardous areas, such as veteranarian floors, pet stores, outdoor areas where other dogs/puppies have been that could possibly be ill, etc..  Please research the necessities of vaccines with adult dogs.  Overvaccinating your pet could cause serious issues, possibly even life-threatening.


Breeder warrants this puppy against life threatening, congenital conditions for a period of 1 year from date of birth.  Buyer must notify breeder immediately, upon any findings of illness/defects, and no serious medical procedures should take place without the absolute consent of the breeder, if done so without breeders knowledge, this will null the warranty.  If breeder requests second opinion, buyer must have a second opinion done at veteranarian of breeders choice, within a 2 hour radius of buyers home.

If the puppy dies, an autopsy must be done to confirm reason for death by a state accredited university.

If the puppy/dog has been bred, guarantee is void.


Any DNA health or color results are not guaranteed, other than those results which have been advertised by the breeder.  Any additional testing done after the puppy leaves breeders care is not guaranteed.  


Breed DNA testing is not guaranteed & it should be noted these tests are often inaccurate, which is even stated by the DNA companies themself.


Breeder does not warrant against-
~ Parasites of any kind.  Coccidia and Giardia are extremely common, and often do not cause any problems with the puppy, until they are under stress.  My dams are indoor/outdoor, and it is impossible for me to completely eliminate risk of exposure.
~Adult size, temperament/behavior issues, color, coat, conformation, bite/dental issues, patella/hip issues are not warranted past initial exam.
~An elongated soft palate are also considered "normal" for the breed
~pinched nares
~cherry eyes 
~allergies of any kind


If a puppy meets any of the above criteria for "covered" items, the breeder will replace the puppy with one of similar value(breeders discretion).  Buyer is responsible for travel cost or pick-up of replacement puppy.


If this puppy is ever resold/rehomed, buyer is to give breeder first right to refusal.  This puppy should never be surrendered to a shelter.  Breeder will always take the puppy back, however, you should not expect to receive a refund, should you return your puppy/dog to me.

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