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Deposit/Payment policy

A puppy is not placed on "hold", until you have sent a deposit.  Deposits are non-refundable, and non-transferable should you change your mind or have a life event that makes you unable to follow through with purchase.  I will refund or transfer your deposit, if something should happen to the puppy under my care.

Deposit is $500 on puppies $2,500 and under.

Deposit is $1,000 on puppies over $2,500

Puppy is to be paid in full by 9 weeks of age, or else deposit is forfeited & puppy will be resold.  If you need more time to pay the balance, please discuss this with me BEFORE placing a deposit.

Deposits can be paid via Paypal (3% fee) , direct wire transfer, or overnight postal money order.



        $500 deposit plus 3% fee, click here                                                              $1,000 deposit, plus 3% fee, click here

Final balance can be paid in cash, direct wire transfer, or cashier's check/money order(with 5 days to clear).

I will meet within 30 minutes of my home at no charge.

Delivery available up to 420 miles for .84/mile.


Puppy nanny delivery via airline is also available to most any major airport in the USA.  Puppy nanny delivery fee starts at $600.  When using a puppy nanny, you will need to have a flexible schedule and/or someone who can go to the airport for you, if you are not available.

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