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What comes with your puppy?
- 1 yr. health guarantee
-Veterinarian examination done prior to leaving my home
- Sample of the food they are eating
-Age appropriate vaccinations and dewormings
-Microchip(microchip registration is separate)
-blanket and toy
-AKC registration application
(proof of spay or neuter required on puppies sold as pets prior to receiving papers)

Please note pet price is for puppies that are not intended for breeding and will come with a spay/neuter agreement, and limited AKC papers, or no papers in some cases.

A non-refundable deposit is required to HOLD a puppy for you, unless we have discussed otherwise
Puppies are ready to go between 8 & 9 weeks old.

Mocha Latte                                                                  X                                                                  Icy Boy

Litter DOB 7/3/23

atat, bb, Coco, Dd, EmE, kyky, NN for pied, Ll4

atat, bb, Coco, Dd, ee, kyky, NN for pied, Ll1

"Kit Kat"
** SOLD **

Maskless double chocolate & tan fluffy female
DNA- atat, bb, coco, DD, Ee, L1L4.

Pet price $3500, full AKC $4500

** SOLD **

New shade isabella & tan fluffy male (one copy of brindle)
DNA- atat, bb, coco, dd, Eme, Kbky, L1L4.
Pet price $3500, full AKC $5500


chocolate & tan brindle female
Pet price $1500

** SOLD **

chocolate & tan male
DNA- atat, bb, Dd, Eme

Pet price $1500, full AKC $2500


chocolate & tan brindle female
DNA- atat, bb, Coco, Dd, Eme, kb/ky, L4 carrier
Pet price $1500, full AKC $2500


maskless chocolate & tan female
DNA- atat, bb, Dd, Ee
Her price is higher, because she is my preferred female to keep.
Pet price $3500, full AKC $4500

Charmin                                                                             X                                                                 Yogi

Litter DOB 9/15/23
I have 4 beautiful babies still looking for perfect homes from this litter.  I have reduced their prices.  Please note they are pet only, none are available with breeding rights.

** SOLD **

cream male
Aiden is a super sweet, absolutely gorgeous boy.  He is going to have a big head and stocky build like his daddy.  He is healthy & will make a wonderful pet.  All puppies from this litter are pet only.
Pet price $1800

** SOLD **

fawn, black mask female
Georgia is a beautiful, sweet girl.  She will have a beautiful face and stocky build.  All puppies from this litter are pet only.
Pet price $1500


cream male
Oh my goodness, what a baby face this little guy has!  He just makes me melt.  You don't see this quality of baby very often.  He is just a doll.  
No breeding rights.

Pet price $2000


red fawn, black mask male
What a sweet, beautiful boy Clifford is!  He is small and compact, with the sweetest personality.
Pet price $1500
(reduction due to small umbilical hernia that can be fixed when he is neutered, not a health threat).

** SOLD **

fawn, black mask male
Clyde is an adorable, sweet boy.  He loves to be held and cuddled.
Pet price $1500

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