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Boomer is a gorgeous, short & stocky lilac and tan boy.  His sire is the well known, stunning lilac & tan merle, Jägermeister.  Boomer weighs about 25 lb..  He carries the isabella chocolate(brown) gene.  He does not carry cream, brindle or pied.

Stud service for Boomer is $20
2 live puppy guarantee

McLovin is a stunning double chocolate and tan boy.  He has a calm, sweet personality.  He is producing gorgeous puppies in a rainbow of colors.
His DNA is
ata, coco, bb, Dd, EmE, kyky, NN for pied

4 panel clear
McLovin's stud fee is $3000. 
Local breedings only at this time.

chocolate & tan covered by cream (carries blue)

blue & tan merle carries rojo and fluffy

chocolate fawn, carries blue, brown(aka testable chocolate), & cream.  Super compact, stocky girl, built like a male.

She is a gorgeous blue & tan merle that carries cocoa, isabella chocolate and fluffy gene.  She has a big head and flat face with adorable wrinkles.  She can be shy, but she is very sweet.

4 panel clear

Mocha Latte

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